Only 12,000 Cukies to mint!

Meet Cukies

Congratulations!! They are sooo special

Have you minted your First Cuki?

There are 6 different types of Cukies. When you mint a Cuki, you will get a random one. If you are lucky enough you can get an Epic, Legendary or even a GOAT Cuki!

Cukies love collecting gemstones. The rarer the Cuki, the more special gems she will collect! You can use your gems and anything collected by your Cukies to improve in the game. Or you can sell everything if you prefer!

Mint a Cuki

Max-Out your Cuki!

Cukies have 6 different skills that they can improve up to level 5. Each skill has a different purpose: you can get more gems with Miner skill, breed more baby Cukies with breeder skill, or collect food with gatherer skill. Choose wisely before upgrading your Cuki!

Health and Energy

Take care of your Cukies to get the most them!

Cukies have 2 status bars that show us how they are feeling: health and energy. The better they feel, the more gems and resources they will collect!

Mint a Cuki
The most special skill


New family member


Incubate it with love to increase your chances to get a rarer and more valuable Cuki!

When the egg hatches, a Baby Cuki will born.

Mint a Cuki
She is so cute!


Feed her well to increase your chances to get a rarer and more valuable Cuki!

When the baby Cuki grows, you will have an adult Cuki that will start collecting gems.

My Cukies


Cukies are the main character in, you can use them in several ways: you can improve their skills, you can breed other baby Cukies, they can collect gems and other resources, you can make a passive income with them, and you can even sell your Cukies if you want.

Only 12,000 Cukies will be minted, these are the first Cukies. All the other Cukies will born as their descendants.

All starts with the first 12,000 Cukies, the rest will born as their baby Cukies and descendants, which makes them already so special. But they have other features that make them unique:
  • Breeder skill maxed out, so they can have 5 baby Cukies.
  • Other random skills improved. Each Cuki will be different.
  • More energy and health
All the other Cukies will born without any skill.

Yes! You can have as many Cukies as you wish. You will need at least 2 Cukies to breed other baby Cukies.
In addition, if you decide to mint 5 or more Cukies you can take part in up 4 Raffle to win one of the most rare Cukies, including 8 Legendary Cukies and 1 GOAT Cuki!

You can check the details HERE

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The rarer the Cuki, the better she will perform in the game:
  • She will collect rarer gems
  • She will collect more gems and other resources
  • She will have more health and energy
  • And other surprises that we will be revealing soon! has been developed in Tron Network. To mint a Cuki you will need to have a personal wallet in this network.

To mint a Cuki will cost 1,000 trx at the beginning. For every 250 Cukies minted, the price will be increased in 50 trx until all 12,000 Cukies are minted.

Yes! We have a 3 tiers recommendation program:
  • Level 1: 10%
  • Level 2: 3% (opened when you have 10 direct referrals in level 1)
  • Level 3: 2% (opened when you have 20 direct referrals in level 1)

Cukies have 6 different skills:
  • Miner
  • Engineer
  • Farmer
  • Gatherer
  • Scout
  • Breeder

When we talk about improving a Cuki, we are referring to improving (or upgrading) her skills.

Cukies’ skills can be improved up to level 5. We can improve them by playing, using gems and other resources.

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